Wanchalerm Promsorn


Type          3D
Technic     Toon Shader

According to the celebration of 50th anniversary of Assumption university, I am one of lecturer here who responsible in Cinematic Lighting and Rendering class. My inspiration of creative work is classroom demonstration. I have to demonstrate each characterizes of 3D lights type and shaders in Maya. The situation is nowadays most of student in CGI department are tend to interested in 2D cartoonist style. 2D cell style become to mainstream of student’s works and decrease the interested in photorealistic.

 As a lecturer, I need to develop myself and expand my skill to “Change” this situation. I expected that my design work could be the inspiration for students to change their interesting from using 2D software to use Maya to achieve 2D cell shade. It would let them success in computer graphic designing as professional .

This project aims to explore with AiToon shader in Maya and create 3D character then use it as tool of demonstration in Cinematic Lighting and Rendering class.

Design concept is 2D cartoonist looks. 2D cell shades become a mainstream of CGI department student’s works and that is a huge “CHANGE” for me. I, myself needed to be adapted to fit with these certain situation and environment. I believe that the most of the CGI students are not interested in photorealistic look, then what if I can “CHANGE” to survive in this situation by using the skill and knowledge that I have.

Department of Computer Generated Imagery,
Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts,
Assumption University