Dr. Korn Poonsirivong

Accomplished Student Dietary Supplement

Type          Graphic and Information design on Packaging
Technic     Computer Graphic Design on Printed Media

Nowadays the advancement of technology has significantly transformed our thoughts and creating new perceptions of everything around us. The example can be seen clearly from how we interact with new information especially through different social media platforms. People are becoming more aware of their surrounding and gained better understanding of new developments. Segev (2019) said that transition from information to power is new information are modifying the existing theories and previous knowledge which can lead to new ways of life. People are establishing new analytical framework to analyzed and defying the new knowledge which previously took hundreds of years to adapt.  One of the main concerns which raised undeniable issue is health which people are most aware of by various commercials, celebrities, stereo types or even simple social media posts and comments. The world of cosmetic which generates billions of dollars each year is one of the most important elements in this health and beauty issue. Likewise, drugs, medicines and dietary supplements also take a part in this new era of self-awareness in this new society.

 This creative art work created for the purpose expressing new changes in the people. Since the new technology era has save people a lot of time whether shopping online, stay connected, learning new information or anything which can be done by the touch on a mobile phone. It is known that since most of the thing can be done faster and quicker people are less patience and waiting has become intolerable. “Accomplished Student Dietary Supplement” is a digital art work creates to emphasis with a sense of humor in mind to show conflict between human’s need and their expectation.

Department of Digital Media Communication,
Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts,
Assumption University