Panasit Chaiyanan


Type          Animation
Technic    2D Animation

Assumption University wasn’t created to be utopia, or a perfect society with perfect students. What Assumption University is a Protopia.  Kevin Kelly, executive editor of Wire magazine coined the term ‘protopia’ which was discussed in May social science publication. Protopia is, according to Kelly, a society at a constant change. A day in protopia is always better than a day that came before it. The problem of a Utopia is that after it became a utopia, where everything is perfect, it stops. Protopia would always yearn for something better.

Where are the evidences that Assumption University is a protopia? In recent years, as students decline in number and stores within AuMall close, is it unrealistic to believe that Assumption University is better than ever? Yes. With quality assurance, our lecturers continue to improve. Technology we have continue to be better, and each year we know how to better care for our students. Though external factors cause things to turn for the worst, not once did we feel we have to do something worse for our students in order to survive. And the evidence lies in our output, our students and their works.

As a tribute to all of the positive changes I have witnessed in the past 8 years, I am developing a 2D motion graphic animation that works as a tribute to the student works that are iconic and that I had used to teach students of the younger generation for the past 8 years.

Department of Digital Media Communication,
Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts,
Assumption University