Orathaya Saramart

Alternative Realm

Type          Painting
Technic     Watercolor & Mixed Media

“50 Years Anniversaries through the Sustainable Development” is the project representing about the new idea to develop and educate people in every generation in order to gain knowledge in both theories and workshops more sustainable so that they can use the knowledge to work efficiently. Moreover, the morals and ethics are including in order that they will realize about preserving the good knowledge as a wisdom to teach their offspring in the future.  Therefore, I created the manual artwork by the natural ingredients and tools to serve the environment sustainable in order to show that the natural origin is valuable and safe to create work because it is produced without the pollution to make the heat for earth and make the PM2.5. Original drawing, paintings and dying by hand are also basic of technical artworks in the present. I choose the indigo because it is from the nature and is blue that is the color representing the calm, comfort, peace, trust and secure. Blue meaning is appropriate for the concept of educational place. The white drawing line of campus represents the characteristics and light glowing or hope.

This project aims to represent Assumption university in the new looks as an innovative of sustainable educations or longlive learning by reaching students in all ages and generations. Moreover, it could encourage the students and audiences in every generation to realize and serving environment and learning to be able work more sustainable. Lastly, it would celebrate the 50th year anniversary of Assumption University.

Department of Visual Communication Design,
Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts,
Assumption University