Message from the President

It gives me immense pleasure and gratification that the Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts is launching its online Exhibition of Creative Works by its own Faculty members, for the year 2019-2020. The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has warranted the moving of the Exhibition to the online platform, and the Committee for the Exhibition on Creative Works by Faculty members is indeed to be lauded for this bold decision and step. The Russian Author Leo Tolstoy once said that art in any form represents the native voice of the culture and its peoples. The online Art Exhibition will, I am sure, represent the deep voices of all the artists, in their native thoughts and art representations, and I am sure that all viewers will be uplifted by the experience transferred to their sensibilities through such rich representations of art.

My blessings remain with the Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, Faculty members and students, and I wish the Exhibition activity every success it deserves.


Rev. Bro. Bancha Saenghiran, f.s.g., Ph.D.
President – Rector Magnificus. Assumption University

Albert Laurence School of
Communication Arts,
Assumption University