Asst.Prof. Theerawat Pojvibulsiri (Aksornsanan)

Type | Place | Memory

Type          Graphic Design
Technic     Silkscreen on T-shirt

Type is meaningful for me, I bring out my good memory of any locations by type and letter. Assumption University, Huamak Campus, is the one of my favorite place that brings me the good feeling and memory every time when I am there, and also be in the memory of many people, especially, the graduates who was studied at this place. I studied and worked at Huamak Campus for more than 10 years, since 1992. There are many interesting places that I want to use the photograph of the locations to be my design, buildings, scenery, and environment are the main objects. I selected 5 scenes,

All scenes consisted of the letter on the surface and also the surface itself that could be remembered when the audience sees it. Beautiful sceneries were distorted to a simple shape and form with stunning letters or typefaces as same as the original and also the 80s – 90s color scheme, and I finished my artwork as Graphics on T-shirt, 5 color t-shirts with 5 typographic scenes, all of these can be a good souvenir for ABAC people. People remember letter on the surface at any building in Huamak Campus, even me, a type is meaningful for me to recall my memory back, I hope my graphics on t-shirt design will be one of the souvenirs that can bring the good memory back.

Development from Photo to Graphics

Upper: graphics on t-shirt – Luceat Lux Vestra at Dr. Choop Plaza,
Seminar Room at D building, Universite de L’ Assomption
at the corridor between P to A building and CA Building, Suvarnabhumi Campus
Lower: t-shirts

Graphics on t-shirt – Labor Omnia Vincit at P building

Department of Computer Generated Imagery,
Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts,
Assumption University