Darunee Sa-areddee
Rayut Soonkool
Chalitaporn Yamoon

New View Finder, Calendar 2020

Type          Photographic
Technic     Photo Shoot

Every year, Assumption University issues the annual calendar as the precious gifts for those who visit the university. Every year, the calendar shows how grand and beautiful our campuses are. Photos, in the calendar, usually depict buildings, roads, and statutes, just to name some. This year, as we come to our 50th year anniversary, the university wants to change the way we create our calendar. For the year 2020, the university wants to present itself in a new perspective. The task has been delivered to the dean of Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts to complete.                                         

The design concept is “New View Finder, Calendar 2020” is the project that brings inner strength and beauty of each faculty to show to the public. Simply put, the project wants to show beauty from “Inside-out.” The team uses the values of each faculty to depict in the photo and display it to the community.

Department of Visual Communication Design,
Department of Computer Generated Imagery,
Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts,
Assumption University