Dr. Pitchanut Nueangjamnong
Chutinun Kaewkatorn
Narudon Narunorasade

“Ad” presentative Board

Type          Design
Technic     Infographics

Department of Advertising, Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts was founded in 1992. Since its origin, the DNA of the advertising department was in accordance with the university’s which is 3E; English proficiency, Ethical, and Entrepreneurship.

Later in the year 2014, to further demonstrate the key strengths of the department, “Strategic thinking” and “Creative” pillars were added to the DNA. In addition, the brand personalities were crafted to reflect practicality, attentiveness, and well-managed which fall under the umbrella of the “Competence” personality trait. The DNA and personalities were translated into brand elements to communicate themselves through logo, font, and color.

In 2019, the advertising curriculum has been revised to update teaching and learning approaches and to respond to changes and demands from various stakeholders including students and the advertising industry. Regarding the research findings derived from the main stakeholders, the DNA, personalities, and brand elements need a modification.

Hence, “hands-on experience” is even further emphasized in the DNA to increase practicality for the students. Moreover, to reflect students’ perception toward lecturers and current teaching and learning environment, “sincerity” is coupled with “competence” personality to give a complete representation of the advertising department. The brand elements are then adjusted by introducing newly designed characters to communicate the modified identity.

Department of Advertising,
Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts,
Assumption University