Sasaporn Suthatkul
Sutharm Unganothai
Charissa Chingnawan

Good Bye : Stage Play

Type          Live performance / Stageplay
Technic     Live performance production

As researchers are lecturers in Assumption university, we have been through several cases about students who are dealing with their suffers about ended relationships. As we are live performance content creators and designers, we think that live performance could be a tool to represent and share our ideas about ‘Change’ towards Assumption university students whom are our target audiences. We found that most of people might not familiar with the circumstances that changed instantly. Additionally, this might initiate the risk of worries about life which has started to occur gradually during these years among students in Assumption university.

Good Bye project has been started from a question that if we could change or delete our memories for not hurting anymore, will we do delete it or ,better than that, we need to change ourselves from inside about perception of staying with those either good and bad memories instead.

This research aims to create a live performance as a tool for communicate the key message for guidance and support students in Assumption University. Additionally, the researcher would like to experiment about the way of conveying key ideas ‘memories’ towards audiences by using this key idea concept into script, directing, art direction and sound design.

Good Bye stage play production have used an idea of longing in memories that has been ended through script which created by Sasaporn Suthatkul, directing process by Sasaporn Suthatkul, costume design by Charissa Chingnawan, logo and artwork by Sutharm Unganothai and also design concept by Nattaporn Thapparat.

Unfortunately, because of the Covid-19 outbreak, The performance will be postponed. However, there have two clips for ‘Good Bye documentary’ and ‘Good Bye concept’ for all viewers to understand the process of working and concept of the production.

Department of Live Event Creation and Management,
Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts,
Assumption University