Dr. Prichaya Manmin
Duangporn Supanvanij
Jariya Wu
Preeyaporn Jansombat

Banana Banana Story

Type          Design
Technic     Package Design

“Banana Banana Story” or “เรื่องกล้วย…กล้วย” Branding is the work of brand element designed using AU Identity: English Proficiency, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Ethics as guideline.  It focuses on promoting Thai SME product, chewy banana or “กล้วยกวน” (Entrepreneurial Spirit), implementing the brand elements in English for International recognition (English Proficiency) and, applying truthful research and clear brand elements format as a guideline for local entrepreneurs (Ethics). 

The project starts with research on 60 consumers with three key findings:  consumers buy one package of chewy banana at convenient souvenir shops, consumers like its taste but want a souvenir with beautiful packaging, the pain points of not buying the product are, its name and packaging are not attractive, and it is perceived as cheap souvenir. Further desk research finds benefits of Banana which are Thai banana is well-known as fresh and good taste, and banana contains benefits for the traveler both day and night.

This creative work creates product name, “Bana”, and its two product lines which are: “Bana Light,” chewy banana for a day-time, to gain energy with the light of kcal, and “Bana Night,” chewy banana for a night-time to stabilize mood and emotion. Yellow and green are used for “Bana Light” as yellow grabs attention with happiness feeling and green represents nature. Blue is added to “Bana Night,” as it represents calmness and serenity. Organic craft papers are used to establish naturalness and environmental-friendly image. Additional tag of scientific facts and benefits is used to inform the facts and increase the product credibility. 

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Department of Advertising,
Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts,
Assumption University