Wuthichai Choonhasakulchoke
Checkchanok Bullakul

JC 50

Type          Design
Technic     Graphic Design

This project serves as a visual catalog investigating changes throughout 50 years of Assumption University. Through the eyes and personal aesthetic sensibilities of 2 designers, the artwork presents a graphic history of this institution in chronological order.

Through our experiences and appreciation of the institution, the work is not only the observation of decades of changes but also personal involvement through this great journey.

In order to show “CHANGE” as a theme of this exhibition, the chronological order of decades’ changes were introduced by layering graphic interpretation from 2 different designers. Each layer represents a significant change of each decade throughout 50 years of AU history. The concepts of each decade are the following:

  1. “C” 1970s, the introduction of the first international catholic college in Thailand
  2. “H” 1980s, computers invasion: ABAC and its first computer center
  3. “A” 1990s, rapid expansion of the new 6 faculties
  4. “N” 2000s, suvarnabhumi campus: Cathedral of learning on the land of gold
  5. “G” 2010s, impact of digitization in education
  6. “E” 2020s, Brother Bernard Mary of the Brothers of St. Gabriel “Creating the Future”

Department of Visual Communication Design,
Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts,
Assumption University