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Be A Communication Expert

AD – Advertising

Unleash your advertising creativity potential. A place for top creative minds who love to think outside the box and generate exciting ideas.

PR – Public Relations

A bridge between businesses, communities and media outlets. Relationship is a successful key especially in the digital world where consumers become active participants.

LIVE – Live Event Creation and Management

Be the creator of the enchanted live event where there is no better place that the audiences could be at the moment.

DM – Digital Media Communication

Want to have an edge in using the latest technology as a communication tool? This is the era for digital-savvy individuals.

VCD – Visual Communication Design

A message in the hands of a well-trained designer is transformed into visual communication that transcends mere words and pictures.

CGI – Computer Generated Imagery

Have you ever wondered how surreal characters become visually alive? With passion along with a creative and technical mind, this could be the perfect course for you.

Take a shortcut to goal achievement

01. Learn From the Experts

Packed with lecturers who are experts in their field, the School of Communication Arts is the best opportunity to get advices from those who know the best.

02. Learn With Practical-based

Understanding the theories is, of course, important; yet, the classroom will be more fun when we design it to be practical-based, leading to a deeper knowledge of concepts and gaining practical techniques.

03. Gain Hands-on Experiences

There are some things you can only learn through actual experience. Hence, the courses are designed to encouraging application of academic and technical learning in the real world setting with instructors’ guidance.

04. Get In Touch with Real-world Business

You will never be outdated. The courses are constantly updated to ensure that everything you learn is practical, relevant and up to the minute.

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Students Showreel

These footages were filmed by New Media Communication Students

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